Business continuity. Ensured.

Intelligent business application support

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Few words describing what APPULSE product is used for

Business continuity

due to early problem detection and resolution

Easy mainframe application support

using an AI platform for solution generation and execution

Increased performance of support teams

through redirection of efforts from routine tasks to transformation projects

APPULSE is a centralized support platform for business applications that run on z/OS servers.


Designed for Level 1 and Level 2 support, APPULSE provides uninterrupted operation of critical business applications, resulting from proactive problem identification and resolution.


What you get starting using APPULSE product in your everyday application business life

Centralized support platform

Different business applications running on different z/OS servers, lpars, subsystems supported by different users (L1/L2 support) are integrated into single centralized platform

Flexibly configurable monitoring

Constant and flexibly configurable monitoring for operational problems in critical z/OS subsystems, including IMS, CICS, MQ, DB2, TWS, nFTP

Shorter problem management chain

  • Automatic creation and assignment (Jira, Redmine, RTC, GitLab, YouTrack)

  • Mail and messenger notification (Slack, Telegram, etc.)

  • Chat creation (Slack and Sametime)

Solution generation & execution

Option to execute solution suggested by AI module or implement own solution with possibility to transfer problem to relevant system support


Watch our product video tutorials

1. Incident identification

2. Incident logging, classification and assignment

3. Incident investigation, resolution and closure

4. Incident review (creation of incident model)

5. Communication throughout the incident lifecycle

6. Addition of new z/OS business application to APPULSE

7. Investigation of batch job abend in APPULSE

8. Business objects in APPULSE

9. Metrics and reports in APPULSE

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